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Musical PE is an expression of Carrie Flint, an elementary & adapted physical educator and her passion and commitment to provide all children with quality physical education.  Her use of music in her lessons is unique and is her signature in creating a positive learning environment for all her students.  Music is not an afterthought or used just for background for Carrie.  She capitalizes on the power of music as she uses it as a time management tool, creates a theme for the lesson, and reinforces lesson objectives as she matches songs with the activities.  Utilizing music, as Carrie does takes the lesson to another level not just to make a lesson “fun” but reaches students educationally at a depth that is often not reached or even attempted especially in physical education.   


PLUS is her effort to help educators and school systems improve their physical education programs.  Her 20-year teaching career has provided her the wealth of awareness of what is actually happening in the school systems across the country.  Quite simply, there is a lack of funds and support necessary to provide a quality physical education program for students.  In addition many states, such as California, physical education is taught by classroom teachers not credentialed physical educators.  Yes, there is a difference and that is why Carrie is an advocate as well as reaching out to offer her services to help.


Carrie knows first hand what is happening in the schools as well as what will work.  A classroom teacher will not teach PE as a physical educator however they still can teach standard based, quality physical education.  But to achieve this, teachers need the training and tools, which Carrie has to offer.  Carrie’s services include: speaking, professional development for pre-school and elementary teachers, consulting, as well as a product line of her favorites (PE Tools & Resources).  Over the years, Carrie has searched for the most classroom teacher friendly PE products and resources, very simply: worth the money & teachers will use and students will love.


Musical PE Plus is the combination of Carrie’s passion and expertise of elementary physical education and her desire to inspire others. 


Carrie will cover from basic to comprehensive and will show you how to interpret the NASPE & California PE Standards. 

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